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Comeback Kid

With his return to the sidelines looming in early 2015 after an extensive battle with cancer, TNT reporter Craig Sager is reflecting on the way he's taken back. Sager targets February return

Giving Back

Players spend time in their communities during the "Season of Giving."

The Starters: Thank You, Sir

The guys give thanks to the stars fueling their fantasy teams in 2014-15 so far.

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Team In Focus - Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavaliers came into the season with championship aspirations but have faced adversity early in the season. Akshay diagnoses their problems and offers solutions. Read More

Top 5 Backcourts On The Frontline

They might be the smallest men on court, but the duo which comprises an NBA backcourt can be game-changers across the league. Here is a countdown of the Top 5 backcourts in the league. Who would you pick? Read More



Image link to Crowded backcourt

Crowded backcourt

A trio of talented PGs is proving to be a 'tough situation' for the Suns.



Image link to Playing with purpose

Playing with purpose

Wednesday's Clippers game had a special meaning for CP3.


Image link to Smooth transition

Smooth transition

From Australia to life in the NBA, Dante Exum is ahead of schedule.


Image link to Then and now

Then and now

Can this Cavs team be as good as LeBron's 2010-11 Heat squad?

Rookie Ladder

Image link to Opportunity knocks

Opportunity knocks

Getting playing time, Kostas Papanikolaou joins the mix.

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Image link to Thanks, mom

Thanks, mom

The Wolves wear some pink for Thad Young's late mom.

Arena Link

Image link to 'Whatever it takes'

'Whatever it takes'

Kyrie Irving is more than ready to turn the Cavs into winners.

The Starters

Image link to On the hot seat

On the hot seat

Isiah Thomas makes tough calls on point guards and poultry.


Image link to Shooter's paradise

Shooter's paradise

Atlanta's Kyle Korver joins Dennis Scott to talk shooting.

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Stats Leaders


Rank Eastern W L
1 Toronto 13 2
2 Washington 9 5
3 Chicago 9 6
4 Milwaukee 9 7
5 Atlanta 7 6
6 Miami 8 7
7 Cleveland 7 7
8 Brooklyn 6 8
Rank Western W L
1 Memphis 13 2
2 Golden State 12 2
3 Portland 12 3
4 Houston 12 3
5 San Antonio 10 4
6 Dallas 11 5
7 L.A. Clippers 9 5
8 Phoenix 10 6
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Teenagers ...

The Bucks and Wolves made history, combining to play 4 teens on Wednesday. See how they fared.